What’s Up With … the Ellipsis?


  • Click HERE for an excellent post on the ellipsis, including how to use them in formal writing (e.g., in citing quotations).
  • The plural of “ellipsis” is “ellipses.”

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The Summary of Dian and the Gorillas

I have read an interesting novel by the name of Dian and the Gorillas. I recommend you to read this fantastic book. If you don’t have much time, you can read this summary of the mentioned book.
The book Dian and the Gorillas written in 2003 by Norma Shapiro describes a woman studying and protecting the gorillas about 20 years. She was interested in gorillas, so she traveled to Africa to meet them. In Africa, she became familiar with an anthropologist, Dr. Louise Leaky. She said Dr. Leaky that she is enthusiastic about studying the gorillas. Dian returned her home in Kentucky after two months. After few months, she wanted to go back to Africa, but she didn’t have money. She decided to work in order to find money to go to Africa. While she was looking for job, she received a letter from Dr. Leaky. There was written in the letter that they had money to start a research on gorillas. With the help of Dr. Leaky, she went back to Africa and began studying gorillas. She wanted to keep the gorillas safe, but neither poachers nor the park officials listen to her. She needed some help, so she wrote to Dr. Leaky. He wrote back quickly: “You must show people that you know more about the gorillas than anyone in the world. I think you should go to Cambridge University to get your doctorate in the study of primates. Karisoke, where the most gorillas exist, will become a study center and university students can come to help you. Then the rest of the world will listen to you. Bob Campbell, who was a photographer and the co-worker of Dian, could probably take care of the camp while you are in Cambridge.” At first, she didn’t want to go to school because she was not sure whether Bob could protect the gorillas. But she finally decided to get her doctorate. After getting her doctorate, she came back to Karisoke. She founded an organization by the name of The Digit Fund. Digit was the name of a baby gorilla which was killed by the poachers. Also, she wrote a book and named it Gorillas in the Mist. Over the years hunters, poachers and war have killed many of the gorillas of the Africa. But there were still a few hundred living in the mountains of Africa. During the two decades, she could meet only about 115 gorillas and learned how to behave with those wild animals. Finally, Dian was killed in 1985 when she was asleep in her cabin in the camp. She was very busy studying gorillas that she couldn’t find the opportunity to get married.

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A spring night view of my city (Mazar-e-Sharif)

A spring night view of my city (Mazar-e-Sharif)

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